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  • Despite its widespread, the Model-View-Controller pattern just doesn't cut it for most Swift projects.

  • Today we are releasing the following builds as Xcode 9 Web Preview 4.

  • Download Xcode 9 (which contains ARKit) for your Mac for free from Apple’s developer website On your Mac, sign into your Apple developer account, then head here and click “Download” in the top right corner to get Xcode 9, Apple’s program for .

  • Update Note: This tutorial has been updated for Swift 4, Xcode 9 and iOS 11 by Ted Bendixson.

  • Chris Lattner, once responsible for leading the teams behind Xcode and Swift, made headlines earlier this year when he left Apple to work at Tesla.

  • We'll go through the steps from creating an Xcode project all the way to importing frameworks.

  • Xcode 9 beta 5 (9M202q) macOS High Sierra 10.

  • After being one of the co-authors of LLVM, Lattner was hired by Apple in 2005, and was instrumental in the advancement of Xcode, Apple's OpenGL implementation, and every aspect of Apple's Swift rollout and continued development.

  • Note: The demo was written in Swift and tested on Xcode 8.

  • I use the iOS Simulator and AVDs (Android Virtual Devices) heavily, and was getting frustrated with the need to manually launch the two from Xcode and Android Studio, respectively.