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  • "The natural herbs in our spirits are on the verge of explosive growth as consumers today are craving herbs like Horny Goat Weed now in spirits," said Tushinsky.

  • 5-course weed dinner pairing coming to Laporte The event will feature different marijuana flower strains, edibles, extracts and vape cartridges paired with food and drink courses.

  • NORTHGLENN — Cannabis consumers in the metro area are getting more and more hours to buy their weed, with Northglenn on Monday becoming the latest city to extend the closing time for pot shops.

  • Gorilla Glue to weed grower: Dude, quit using our name Sharonville-based Gorilla Glue Co.

  • I thought doctors were able to prescribe weed, but turns out they can’t.

  • Chances are, you've encountered a product designed by Edward Kilduff—at a dinner party, if not in your own kitchen.

  • "Here we are.

  • A major search for an invasive aquatic weed that’s new to Minnesota has found it in one more lake.

  • When a bill was introduced in West Virginia to legalize medical marijuana this past spring, MMJ patients were pleased and so were some Republican politicians who are not normally known for such displays of support.

  • Tiger Woods may be a legendary golfer, but his personal life is still in shambles.