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  • Slightly more people sought US unemployment benefits last week, but the number of applications remained at a historically low level that suggests the job market is healthy.

  • Job creation fell in May, but unemployment also fell to 4.

  • The unemployment rates in Dutchess and Ulster counties increased by small margins over the past year, though both remain among the lower rates across the state.

  • Unlike previous revolutions in industrialisation, artificial intelligence will disrupt jobs higher up the value chain, David Young, the former secretary state of employment, has warned.

  • The unemployment rate in Lewis County shrunk to 6.

  • According to the results of the Labour Force Survey, the labour force in the 1st quarter of 2017 amounted to 423,794 persons or 61.

  • On June 21st, the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) announced the preliminary May 2017 unemployment rates for Wisconsin’s 72 counties and the 32 cities with populations greater than 25,000 residents.

  • It used to be that workers would just show up on David Buck’s southeast Minnesota dairy farm looking for jobs.

  • Emmanuel Onwubiko and Queen Onwughalu write that youth unemployment has ballooned out of control in Nigeria Something very unusual in Abuja happened on Monday June 19th 2017.

  • Unemployment in Floyd County jumped slightly from 5 percent in April to 5.