News related to requisitos para reforma migratoria 2013


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  • Es tiempo que aprobemos una reforma migratoria integral,” dijo Kaine .

  • Grupos locales están comenzando a informar a aquellos elegibles para obtener la licencia de manejo independientemente de su estatus migratorio, a partir de diciembre del 2013.

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  • The committee announced a press conference on April 1, 2013 to present .

  • Mientras que el impulso a la reforma migratoria .

  • In November 2013, state and .

  • Unformatted text preview: universidad que ellos van a legalizar su situacin migratoria.

  • By the end of the 2013 fiscal year, about 60 percent of tourist and business travelers who entered the U.

  • of migration ha² elicited government policie² Ba²ed on the logic of the control of migration flow².

  • ABSTRACT: This paper presents a critical approach to the management of irregular migration flows in Spain and legal principles and administrative practices implemented by the State in the process of expulsion that legitimize the existence of Immigrant .