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  • Hope Solo normally isn’t a name that proceeds a long introduction.

  • “I was more contemplative then than I am now”, he chuckles and says, “I had an unusual childhood and so it took me time to open up to people and make friends.

  • I don't mean to freak people out.

  • Washington D.

  • Basically, they put me in the audience for some reason and told me to shout out as much as possible, as Jeremy hates quiet people on his show because he feels like he wasted money bringing them on.

  • The People’s Republic is actually afraid of a small number of principled individuals who are willing to risk their lives for freedom because the ruling oligarchy knows that its power is fundamentally illegitimate.

  • “Gaze perception — the ability to tell what someone is looking at — is a social cue people often take for granted,” Colin Clifford, a psychologist at the University of Sydney's Vision Center, told the Daily Mail.

  • lots of people who signed the charter were personal friends of Liu .

  • “It’s so quiet,” says Vonn.

  • Dogs and their people begin using Water's Edge park The Water's Edge is coming along as a destination for outdoors enthusiasts near downtown, but city officials haven't announced a grand opening.