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  • The title role of Otello is a Leviathan of a part for a tenor.

  • Othello News -Floyd Reynolds is spending a few days at the Milo daughters home in Longview.

  • Some of Washington’s past winners were Chinne Okoronkwo (2016 and 2015, Mountlake Terrace), Amy-Eloise Neale (2012 & 2011, Glacier Peak), Andrea Geubelle (2009, Curtis), and Courtney Kirkwood (2008 and 2007, Othello).

  • His fragile pianissimos become an apt representation of the linguistic fragmentation of the text’s ‘Othello music’, as the grandiose imagery of ‘Olympus-high’ oceans ruptures into stuttering banality - ‘ Pish! Noses, ears, and lips.

  • He will then go into understudying major roles in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Dracula, and Tom Sawyer before ending his tenure with Othello in the spring of next year.

  • Washington State Patrol is investigating a fatal crash that happened around 4 o'clock Sunday morning and they're said drugs or alcohol were factors.

  • This is a re-telling (as part of the Hogarth Project) of Shakespeare’s Othello.

  • OTHELLO - A Mattawa man died and three other people were injured in a collision early Sunday morning on state Route 24 about 14 miles west of Othello.

  • Following the trajectories of some of these strong leaders of the ‘right’ in post-truth ear reminds us of the Shakespearean character- Iago, from his much acclaimed play- Othello.

  • If the timelessness of Shakespeare means anything more than a blurb phrase, it is partly because directors like to take him out of his own time and the original settings of the plays.