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  • Facebook Hello is essentially Poke under a new name, but its placement on people‚Äôs profile pages is proving problematic.

  • read more It will change, Just give some time for zynga to recognize and update your profile picture.

  • There was probably a time when the number of Facebook friends you had was reasonably small, like 40 or 50.

  • A profile picture is an important asset of your Facebook profile.

  • New Facebook profile got you salivating? Can't wait for the Timeline to release to the public in "a few weeks"? There are two ways to get the new profile early, but one of them might take a little white lying.

  • In a move to ensure safety of women and identity theft in India, social networking website Facebook has rolled out a new feature which gives users more control over their profile pictures.

  • The Better Profiles Series is supported by Gillette.

  • Facebook launched a new profile page layout Sunday night that emphasizes the most important parts of your life, including your biographic information, photos, education, work experience, and important relationships.

  • UPDATE: Facebook just announced on its blog that the new Profile Pages are available starting now.

  • Whether they like or not, all Facebook users will be forced to use the new profile called "Timeline" in the next couple of weeks.