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  • “I’m aware that you don’t get roles like this when you’re 19,” says the British actress who stars as a vengeful young wife wreaking havoc Florence Pugh has gotten the best reviews of her career for her fierce performance in William Oldroyd’s .

  • In 'Lady Macbeth,' Florence Pugh has a breakout performance as a heroine who takes charge of her destiny.

  • If you don’t recognize Florence Pugh‘s name now, you can bet within the next year or two you will.

  • It takes a while to figure out who the title character in “Lady Macbeth” really is.

  • In many ways “Lady Macbeth” is remarkable for what it isn’t.

  • Inside this demure exterior beats the heart of a murderer: Florence Pugh in "Lady Macbeth.

  • Lady Macbeth has been provoking audiences around the world with a title character, only loosely related to Shakespeare’s play, who is somewhere between Elizabeth Bennett and Ma Barker.

  • Rituals define and often confine our lives, and there's great satisfaction in watching a woman break free from everyone and everything pinning her down, consequences and bloodshed and buried bodies be damned.

  • “Come, you spirits,” cries Lady Macbeth in the first act of Shakespeare’s most cursèd play, “unsex me here, and fill me from the crown to the toe top-full of direst cruelty.

  • “Lady Macbeth” has a lot to recommend it, but if it’s going to be remembered for one thing, it will be for launching the film career of its star, Florence Pugh.