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  • When Microsoft announced the Kinect back when the Xbox 360 was king of the hill, consumers were quite excited about the prospect of beating up rivals in the living room without actually hitting anything.

  • That will provide a boost to a tech niche whose greatest success to date is Microsoft Corp.

  • And the metroplex-style list continues: two 24-hour movie theaters; an entertainment area with Xbox 360 and Kinect; playgrounds for kids (including Singapore's tallest slide at four stories high); napping lounges; and a spa where you can pay to have fish .

  • At a recent demonstration in New York, Qualcomm showed off three new camera technologies for their Spectra Module Program.

  • Qualcomm’s technology will bring Kinect-like functionality to smartphones.

  • CHIPMAKER Qualcomm is bringing Kinect-style depth-sensing technology to Android devices with its second-generation Spectra Module Program.

  • You could argue that as soon as Microsoft revealed that the Kinect was bundled with the system and had plans to limit the ability to play used games, the damage had already been done and no amount of backtracking could fix it.

  • It didn’t help that the majority of first wave games that utilized them were fairly shallow.

  • Makers, developers and hobbyists that have a spare Microsoft Kinect gesture-based controllers lying around may be interested in a new DIY human following robot which has been created using a Kinect powered by a Raspberry Pi mini PC.

  • The technology is similar to what Microsft has used in Kinect, and some of the webcams also offer the same functionality.