News related to gun laws


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  • Fifty-two percent of Americans believe that the country’s gun laws should be more strict than they are today, according to a Pew Research poll conducted this spring.

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  • Teachers are being trained to carry guns in classrooms in Colorado in order to protect children as part of a scheme motivated by a school massacre in 2012.

  • California is known to have some of the toughest – if not the toughest – gun laws in the country.

  • States that have enacted right-to-carry (RTC) concealed handgun laws have higher rates of violent crime than states that didn’t adopt those laws, according to a new analysis of decades of crime data.

  • AUGUSTA, Maine (June 19, 2017) – Last week, Maine Gov.

  • It’s so predictable.

  • Donohue’s paper builds on the National Academies’ National Research Council’s 2004 report investigating guns and violence.

  • When a state law allowing guns on Arkansas college campuses goes into effect later this year, most of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock will be exempt because of a high school moving in, according to the charter school's chief executive.

  • The firearms used in last week's shooting at a Virginia park where Republican congressmen were practicing baseball were purchased legally by the alleged gunman, according to multiple law enforcement sources.