News related to gun control


Because your opinion matters

  • A survey circulating in Christian media suggests that a majority evangelical leaders support stricter gun control laws, even while most live in gun-owning households.

  • There's a new firearm on the market with an attached silencer that is not covered by federal gun control laws because it's not considered a gun and it's not considered a silencer.

  • One of the nation's leading gun-control advocacy groups announced plans on Friday to spend upwards of $1 million in the upcoming Virginia gubernatorial and attorney general races even though a similar spending effort failed to flip control of the state .

  • The anti-gun Facebook page “Gun Control Now” has this at its mantra: “Gun nuts will be banned.

  • A gun control activist in Chicago got a gun and justified it by saying her community is too dangerous to live in without one.

  • Earlier this month we reported on the introduction of H.

  • and fear of greater gun control initiatives fueled incredible growth.

  • Beginning July 1, holders of a Georgia weapons license could finally carry their firearms onto their college campus without being in violation of state law.

  • Avery Drobnyk, (R), 7, and her sister Eleanor Drobnyk, 5, make anti-gun posters before marching with their mom to Capitol Hill, July 5, 2016 in Washington, DC.

  • Gun control advocates say the proposed law would still leave certain unlicensed sellers able to sell the devices without any background check.