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  • There once was a time when comic books were something of a joke and only for kids.

  • My appreciation for the graphic novel form has been slowly building since the first one that found its way into my hands.

  • A bewitching and beautiful tale of an orphan girl who was raised by crows in a trash heap.

  • There was a time when comic book trade paperbacks we’re not that common.

  • It’s Wednesday which means new comic book day with new releases hitting shelves, both physical and digital, all across the world.

  • No.

  • MILAN (AP) — A fresh breeze buffeted Italy's fashion capital during the second day of Milan Fashion Week on Sunday, both literally, bringing relief from the June heat, and figuratively, as young designers took the spotlight.

  • Children of the Fall is the new graphic novel from Wayne T.

  • When is a coloring book not a coloring book? When it’s a semi-DIY graphic novel by the author of Fight Club and a trio of highly regarded artists.

  • Emil Ferris's graphic novel debut My Favorite Thing is Monsters may just be the best graphic novel of 2017, and is certainly the best debut I've read in the genre, and it virtually defies summarizing: Karen is a young girl in a rough Chicago neighborhood .