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  • UC Riverside has one of the smallest racial achievement gaps in the nation.

  • PORTLAND, ME - APRIL 18: Governor Paul LePage speaks at a Young Americans for Freedom event at USM's Hannaford Hall on Tuesday evening.

  • Ryan Hinkle, managing director at Insight Venture Partners.

  • Turkey is to stop teaching Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in high schools, deeming it controversial and difficult to understand, a senior education official said, a move likely to alarm secular Turks.

  • After Dan Patrick popped a statistic to back his contention that Texas state government spends plenty on education, a reader asked us to check the Republican lieutenant governor’s accuracy.

  • Gov.

  • You don’t have to tell Daniel, a quietly spoken but fiercely smart 14 year old, about the value of education.

  • Following President Trump’s directive, the Education Department said Thursday that its newly formed Regulatory Reform Task Force has completed an initial canvas of its rules, identifying 150 regulations for department offices to review.

  • No one was there to help Megan [Rondini] .

  • The cost of education keeps going up, and the best of us fail to keep pace with this inflation despite years of investment.