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  • We tell ourselves stories in order to live, as Joan Didion said.

  • Almost two decades after Venezuela’s late president, Hugo Chávez, came to power in an electoral landslide, his country’s transformation seems to be taking an ominous new turn.

  • Rev.

  • Thai authorities on Saturday detained an activist attempting to mark the 1932 revolution that ended absolute monarchy, police said, a historical event that has become increasingly taboo under an ultra-royalist junta.

  • Remember when ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber said the "stupidity of the American voter" helped the Affordable Care Act become law, and the "lack of transparency" in the way it was crafted was critical? "Basically, call it the stupidity of the American .

  • Washington: Despite its population of more than 320 million, the weight of democracy in the USA now seems to rest on the shoulders of one man – the "self-effacing, immensely polite" Anthony Kennedy, often described as the swing vote between conservatives .

  • Bruce Ashford is provost and professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

  • How did the republic begin and evolve since its colonial days? That’s the subject of “American Democracy,” a wide-ranging exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.

  • A colleague just sent me the following succinctly brilliant observation by the late, legendary science-fiction writer, an important observation by M.

  • White House counselor Kellyanne Conway expressed frustration Friday at being asked repeatedly what President Donald Trump was doing to discourage future election interference by Russia, eventually suggesting that Americans who doubted Trump could win the .