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  • This Terrifying Worm Snatches Fish From the Ocean Floor (3:18) In 1992, Christopher McCandless set off to test if he could survive alone in the wilds of Alaska.

  • I feared I'd starve, or freeze to death in the winter.

  • Into the Wild is a grippingly personal ode to Chris McCandless and a spirit of America that is so often buried, but which now and again defiantly scrabbles free, though rarely to such poignant and tragic effect.

  • The sister of Chris McCandless, the hiker whose two-year odyssey across America and into the Alaskan wilderness was immortalized in the bestselling book "Into the Wild," says his expedition was not just about his love of nature and his adventurous spirit .

  • Twenty-one years ago this month, on September 6, 1992, the decomposed body of Christopher McCandless was discovered by moose hunters just outside the northern boundary of Denali National Park.

  • Chris McCandless left his California family home and set out across the American West and into Alaska.

  • Jon Krakauer's nonfiction opus Into the Wild begins on the cover "In April 1992 a young man from a well-to-do family hitchhiked to Alaska and walked alone into the wilderness north of Mt.

  • Carine McCandless on her new book about the dark facts of her brother's life before 'Into the Wild' In April 1992, Chris McCandless walked into the Alaskan wilderness.

  • The Wild Truth, the new memoir by Carine McCandless, is rough going at times.