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  • During World War II, Tracey Tsugawa’s parents and grandparents were incarcerated in U.

  • Has there ever been a social policy that caused more resentment for less of a positive return than affirmative action? Steve Sailer takes an informed look at what the policy of compensatory racial discrimination has wrought in Taki's Magazine: Affirmative .

  • How did Elvis Kahoro, the son of a truck driver and a retirement home aide in Kennesaw, Ga.

  • A school bake sale organized by an on-campus activist group charged students based on their ethnicity, sparking critique and backlash at the University of New Mexico.

  • Affirmative action programs are designed to provide access to high-quality higher education for underrepresented minorities, but the Trump administration is targeting these essential programs by directing resources toward investigating and possibly suing .

  • Some University of New Mexico students held a campus bake sale, charging students based on their race.

  • Austin Jia.

  • Let’s talk about the real affirmative action: Jamie Utt discusses white privilege, the American education system, and socioeconomic status.

  • Ever since the U.

  • In her book, "The Diversity Bargain," Natasha Warikoo, associate professor of education at Harvard, explores the views of affirmative action among students at three elite colleges.