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  • MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The killing of an unarmed Australian woman by a Minneapolis police officer who is a Somali-American has turned an unwelcome spotlight on the city’s beleaguered Somali community, where many again find themselves on the defensive.

  • MINNEAPOLIS (Reuters) – Mohamed Noor was celebrated when he became a Minneapolis police officer 21 months ago, joining a handful of other Somalis on the police force in a city with one of the United States’ largest Somali communities.

  • MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Latest on an Australian woman fatally shot by a Minneapolis police officer after calling 911 (all times local): 4:20 p.

  • Almost exactly one year ago today, the Supreme Court decided Fisher v.

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  • I think affirmative action is just a smoke screen … the major issue is lack of national support for education and training for ALL U.

  • I remember being in history class at school and thinking, “I wonder what it was like to experience the Fall of Rome, or the last days of Nazi Germany.

  • On July 11, the Council on Hemispheric Affairs heard a presentation on affirmative action in Brazil led by Alex Souza.

  • it may be that they're trying to reach a certain quota for each background of people to be truly diverse: for example maybe 10 whiyes 10 blacks 10 asiand etc.

  • This is not a post about illegal immigration (so calm down.